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Initech Appraisals offers a team of professional appraisers ready to service your appraisal needs. Order your appraisal today!

What is An Appraisal?

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A real estate appraisal is an opinion of market value as of a specified date which is performed by a certified or licensed appraiser.

Coverage Areas

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Initech Appraisals is the largest valuation and assessment firm in Texas with offices in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Why Choose Initech Appraisals for your property valuation?

Initech Appraisals is a Texas-based firm which provides a full range of residential appraisal services in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Ft. Worth market areas. We employ the best trained staff of Certified appraisers in Texas who are dedicated to uphold the highest code of ethics and professionalism. Our commitment to customer service and being on the forefront of cutting edge technology has enabled us to become specialists in the industry.